Our Story

Film2Future empowers underprivileged, at-risk Los Angeles high school students to value and share their unique creative perspectives.  Through our filmmaking curriculum, Film2Future provides the necessary skills, tools and allies for our students to begin college or an entry level entertainment position with confidence.

In addition to our 2017 animation curriculum, the program incorporates teamwork development, leadership skills, computer skills training, resume writing, and college application essays preparation.

During the program, Film2Future also provides healthy meals and the use of a computer during the program. As needed, we provide transportation to all our events. Upon successful completion of the program, we pair each student with a mentor who is an industry professional in the student’s field of interest.

Film2Future’s incredible graduates are well positioned to satisfy the entertainment industry’s growing demand for unique and diverse creative talent.

Film2Future Documentary

What does Film2Future look like from the student perspective? Emmy Award® winning documentary filmmaker Andrew Cohn followed Film2Future's inaugural class, and interviewed students about their experience in the program. 

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