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Playa Vista Direct: Promoting Inclusion

Film2Future’s new grAD school helps young creatives find their way into the advertising industry

Check out Playa Vista Direct's shout out to F2F in their summer activity report:

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FOX 11: Film2Future- Nonprofit helping underprivileged kids break into film business

A nonprofit group called Film2Future is working with underprivileged kids in Los Angeles to help them break into show business. FOX 11's Gina Silva reports.


Steelhead and Film2Future Partner to Empower Young Adults Creativity in New Grad School Program


Film2Future Founder Rachel Miller speaking on KTLA about The Future of Minorities in Major Films and TV Shows:

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Entertainment Weekly: Hollywood's 'Game Changers' may be in its own Backyard


BUILDING A PIPELINE OF DIVERSITY: Film2Future helps young filmmakers from many backgrounds find their way to Hollywood

The HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: Kristen Schaal Talks Mentorship, Voiceover at Film2Future Panel

The actress, along with Will Forte and Jason Henkel, led a discussion on voiceover talent and youth-produced animation.

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Film2future in Entertainment Weekly

Check out the link below to read the full article!


Film2Future on fox LA News

On October 18th, 2016 Film2Future had its first award ceremony at the Taglyan Complex in Hollywood. This ceremony concluded year one of the program. Many celebrities walked the  Check out the clip of Film2Future's inaugural award ceremony covered by FOX LA News. 

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Film2Future Founder Rachel Miller talks Hollywood diversity initiatives with Kim Brunhuber.

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