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About Film2Future | This is what we do

About Film 2 Future

Film2Future: Year 1

Film2Future: Year 2

Year 1 Projects | Short films from our first year

What Runs Through Blood


Death Follows

Amor Ahava

Every Rose Has Its Thorn


Year 2 Projects | Animation animatics from our second year

Rings Around Me

Just Bear It

Five Fingers

8 Ball

Sticky Figures


Year 3 Projects | Virtual reality projects from our third year

Slum Visions


grAD School Projects | Commercials from our grAD School session

Coffee Wonderland

Be Your Own Barista

Ditch the Line

Film2Future Stories | A taste of how we work

F2F’s “Into the Spider-Verse” Screening at Sony Pictures Animation

Black Panther Screening

Alvin: Part I

Alvin: Part II



The Future is Here

Mentor Moments 1

Mentor Moments 2

Student Stories



Resources Open Doors

Casting Intensive

Women & Diversity

Future So Bright